Jul. 23, 2020


Sam Norman, Paycom’s executive vice president of sales

Jennifer Kraszewski, Paycom’s vice president of human resources

During unforeseen disruptions, your company may experience a dramatic increase or decrease in business. Experiencing the latter doesn’t have to mean abandoning all projects — instead, it represents a unique opportunity to recalibrate, optimize and re-emerge stronger than before. This is a chance to re-engineer processes and implement technologies that allow you to not only recover, but be more lean, agile and profitable on the other side of crisis.

How can your business use HR technology to create an infrastructure to allow you to scale your company back to success?

In this episode of HR Break Room®, host Caleb Masters is joined by Norman and Kraszewski to discuss:

  • finding opportunities and value in every environment
  • actionable insights to strategically and practically build a forward-thinking business strategy
  • the importance of having easily adoptable and accessible technology during business transitions


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