Time and Attendance

Accurately and efficiently manage when, where and how your employees report hours worked.

With Paycom, the time and attendance process allows:

  • employees to enter and submit their hours for approval through a timesheet app
  • you to edit and approve time, all online, from anywhere
  • for control to prevent incorrect reporting or time theft, including buddy punching
  • approved time to automatically sync systemwide, including payroll, eliminating re-entry
Screenshots of Time and Attendance software inside the Paycom app.

Our time and attendance software allows:

  • flexibility to accommodate your business’s specific needs
  • tracking attendance with easy search functionality for timecards with missed punches, time-off hours, bonuses or comments
  • batch-editing to enter a punch or hours for any number of employees
  • rounding rules, shifts crossing midnight, bonuses, shift and weekend differentials, holidays worked and more

With all time data in one application, reporting is simple.

tardy and lunch tardy summary icon

tardy and lunch tardy summary

time detail icon

time detail

missing punches icon

missing punches

total hours summary by employee icon

total hours summary by employee

punch audit icon

punch audit

total hours summary by department icon

total hours summary by department

labor analysis/overtime icon

labor analysis/overtime

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Time-off requests and accruals

Give your workforce the anytime, anywhere freedom they expect to view available PTO hours (including vacation and sick leave) and request time off through our self-service app. You can approve or deny their requests, no matter your location.

Couple taking a selfie after completing time-off requests on the Paycom app.
  • Managers can track PTO hours and see all requests in one place, whether pending, approved or denied.
  • Employees can view their pending and scheduled PTO on a mobile-friendly calendar.
  • Approved time off autopopulates to employees’ timecards.

Workforce scheduling

Workforce scheduling

Our Schedule Exchange feature gives employees access to their schedules 24/7, to mark their availability and swap or pick up shifts with co-workers – freeing you from the hassle of making those constant changes.

Coffee shop employees checking their schedule on Paycom's workforce scheduling app Schedule Exchange.
Woman checking Paycom's scheduling software on a laptop.

The scheduling software also helps you:

  • create accurate schedules
  • gain a big-picture view of attendance and activity
  • reduce overstaffing and understaffing
  • control labor costs
  • meet compliance demands
  • drive employee satisfaction
  • enjoy peace of mind with its seamless flow to timecards and payroll

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