Payroll Tax Management

Limit your payroll tax responsibilities and alleviate your burden.

Regardless of when you become a Paycom client, we can help.

We’ll convert and balance all your year-to-date payroll tax totals.

No need for you to stay up-to-date on federal and state tax laws. Just submit your payroll; we’ll handle the rest.

Handshake to agree on payroll tax responsibilities using the Paycom app.

Our automated payroll tax management software:

  • limits your responsibilities of payroll tax rates
  • handles your IRS Form 941 (even midquarter) and Form 940 (even if we don’t do your payroll all year), and your employees will receive only one W-2
  • debits your payroll taxes, deposits them on their due date, and signs and remits your payroll tax filings
  • sends you a copy of every return we do for you

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