Expense Management

Accurately and efficiently manage expense reimbursement without manual, paper-based processes.

From submission to approval, employees and managers complete the entire process through our self-service app.

Employees can submit expenses by uploading photos of receipts.

With the addition of Mileage Tracker, our app automatically tracks employee miles driven for work.

All approved expenses automatically flow to payroll for reimbursement.

Screenshots of Expense Management inside the Paycom app.

Our expense tracking software provides:

  • easy submission and easy approval
  • seamless flow to payroll
  • automatic mileage tracking
  • comprehensive analytics
  • customizable options to fit your organization’s needs, including expense accounts, classes and rules

Robust reporting options for business expenses include:

expense audit report icon

expense audit report

transaction report icon

transaction report

approval report icon

approval report

expense classes report icon

expense classes report

Man driving using Mileage Tracker from Paycom

Gain even more convenience and control by adding features for employee mileage tracking.

  • Mileage Tracker lets employees accurately and effortlessly track and submit business mileage from their mobile device.
  • FAVR lets you customize your mileage rate so you don’t overpay on reimbursements, while remaining IRS-compliant.
  • Both work seamlessly with the rest of our expense management tools and flow to payroll.

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