A Safer Workplace: Understanding State Legislation for 2020

When: Available On Demand

Duration: 50 minutes + Q&A

Sexual harassment continues to impact businesses worldwide. In the U.S., according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2018 saw approximately 40 million Google searches of the term, while 2019 brought more than 12,500 allegations, worth $68 million in settlements.

Now that 2020 is here, knowing the regulations and laws that your state has in place surrounding sexual harassment is as important as ever – but do you also understand them?

Sexual harassment and the laws that follow suit are not one in the same for every state in the nation. In this presentation, we will review the latest legislative updates from each state and how they may impact your business.

In this HRCI and SHRM certified webinar, AJ Griffin, Paycom’s director of government and community affairs, will join us to discuss:

  • building awareness and communication
  • establishing anti-harassment policies
  • gaining support from management
  • using the digital transformation to your advantage

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