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See It in Action: Streamline Your Benefits Administration Process

Benefits enrollment is notoriously cumbersome, time-consuming and costly — but it doesn’t have to be.

According to Guardian, “while more than 3 in 5 employers expressed difficulty in managing their benefits because of its growing complexity, employers that were more highly-digital reported greater efficiencies and overall satisfaction among their benefits delivery.” With digital benefits enrollment, the process is more efficient for employees and HR.

Do you want to spend less time on administrative duties and coaching employees while still driving informed enrollment decisions, resulting in greater satisfaction?

Attend this free deminar to see how our software allows you to:

  • create a streamlined benefits enrollment process
  • maintain accuracy and safety of sensitive information
  • give employees control of their benefits through Paycom’s mobile self-service app
  • and more, all in a single software for comprehensive HR needs

By attending this webinar, you consent to sharing your information and will be contacted by a Paycom representative.

If you are a Paycom client, please consult the webinar calendar in the Paycom Help Menu within your client-side login. There, you can find training webinars specific to Paycom users.

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