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Crack the Case: What’s Missing From Your Onboarding Process?

Are you trying to crack the code to a seamless onboarding process for new hires? Maybe you’ve found some clues that could lead to a better way to get employees started in their new roles, but you still don’t have the pieces you need to solve the case. The answers are out there, but if you don’t act soon, the trail to better employee engagement will go cold.

Reports have come in from across the U.S. that would send chills down any HR professional’s spine: unexplained missing files from cabinets, claims of disengaged employees and haunting cries of frustration from multiple login credentials.

It’s time to put your detective cap on and prepare yourself for in-depth sleuthing as we discuss:

  • seven tips to solve your onboarding woes
  • how to avoid the misfortune of turning a new hire into a disengaged employee because of a poor onboarding experience
  • recommendations for catching the tasks that spook new-hire productivity and efficiency
  • staying safe and Fair Credit Reporting Act-compliant through timely background checks on prospective employees

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