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A Simple Spark: Guy Raz on the Entrepreneurship Journey

According to Guy Raz, How I Built This podcast host and author of How I Built This: The Unexpected Paths to Success from the World’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs, “great ideas often come from a simple spark.”

For example, a fast-casual restaurant chain employing 1,200 team members across multiple states saved nearly 20 workdays a year by streamlining its HR and payroll processes. A small fire protection and security company of just 70 employees extinguished the company’s communication problems through a robust training and apprenticeship program for its technicians, allowing its employees to gain new skills.

Using the resources and talent at your disposal, resiliency and innovation are key to taking your next great business idea and organizational mission to the next level.

How can you leverage the talent, tools and workplace culture at your disposal to build and grow your organization?

In this webinar, Raz joins us to cover:

  • Seven lessons he’s learned from the world’s greatest entrepreneurs
  • how to take your next business idea from inception to reality
  • the importance of focusing on the mission of the organization first and how to best achieve it
  • using rejection and failure as stepping stones to your next great success
  • the role an agile and resilient workplace culture plays in creating a thriving organization
  • how streamlining processes and equipping employees with the tools they need allows your organization to be more nimble and easily adaptable

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