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Every company in every industry must train its employees. Whether a brand-new employee or a well-seasoned exec, every employee needs practical training specific to your organization. With Paycom Learning, it’s easy to keep your workforce current on required certifications, up-to-date on company rules and more, no matter the physical location or head count. And, because Paycom Learning ties to the rest of our system, courses can align with workforce goals and performance.

Companies use Paycom Learning to:

  • help reduce compliance risk, using Paycom’s free workforce training courses or uploading their own
  • build a central knowledge base where employees can access content, share knowledge and measure progress
  • communicate important messages and track who’s viewed them
  • ensure consistency for training across all locations or departments

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Training that works

Paycom Learning is scalable as your business grows. You can quickly and easily create training for your employees with just a cell phone. Upload existing courses or create customizable training you can enhance with 13 types of content, including videos, slide shows, quizzes and more.

Paycom Learning now comes with a basic content package of workforce training courses. Educate your workforce on these foundational topics – at no additional cost.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Workplace Violence: Best Practices for Prevention
  • Encouraging a Substance-Free Workplace
  • Workplace Ethics
  • Competition in Business: Anti-Bribery and Antitrust
  • How to Hire
  • Lawful Termination
  • Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunities
  • Preventing Discrimination and Harassment