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Great people are at the center of exceptional customer service, but striking the balance between labor costs and compliance can be difficult.

Paycom’s single-solution payroll and HR software helps tackle compliance, predict demand, proactively manage labor costs and deliver stellar service.

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Challenge 1: Reducing Turnover

Turnover expenses are more than just the “cost of doing business” for hospitality organizations; they’re substantial threats to the bottom line. Replacing one employee can cost between $5,700 and $10,000. And with turnover rates in the industry averaging 59 percent, controlling those expenses is vital to profitability.

With Paycom you can...

Paycom’s comprehensive HR and payroll solution will give you the tools you need to:

  • easily identify top candidates and automatically filter out unqualified applicants
  • ensure hiring, onboarding and training is accomplished efficiently and quickly
  • align the goals of your organization with your workforce to optimize performance
  • ensure merit increases correspond to performance
  • pinpoint the true causes of turnover with extensive workforce analytics

Challenge 2: Forecasting Labor and Budgets

Hospitality is a dynamic industry in which the needs of the business change from season to season and sometimes, from day to day.

With Paycom you can...

Paycom’s automated, cloud-based solution helps you gain insight into workforce/seasonal trends, accurately predict demand, match resources accordingly and control costs. You can:

  • optimize scheduling to capitalize on seasonal spikes and cut costs during slower business cycles
  • get overtime dollars, head count and year-to-date turnover numbers at a glance
  • create compensation budgeting plans
  • use customizable forecasting reports to prepare for labor shortages and wage increases
  • secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in Work Opportunity Tax Credits

Challenge 3: Compliance with Regulations

Fluctuating demand levels require fluid decision-making about labor and scheduling. But, you face a complex regulatory environment where any one of those decisions could become a costly wage violation, resulting in back wages, fines, liquid damages and attorneys’ fees.

With Paycom you can...

Paycom’s cloud-based, human capital management technology can help you mitigate risk, avoid penalties and proactively manage all aspects of compliance, from FLSA to ACA. With Paycom’s HR and payroll management tools, you can:

  • track employee hours according to multiple earning codes and across EINs
  • run background checks and E-Verify® with the touch of a button
  • accurately calculate blended/weighted overtime, tip credit and tip pool tip-outs
  • store I-9, FMLA, OSHA, workers’ comp, EEOC and COBRA information
  • get alerts when part-time employees are close to overtime or triggering ACA requirements
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